Appointment of 7th Nyingma Head and the Successful completion of 29th Annual Ngagyur Nyingmai Monalm Chenmo

Ten days Ngagyur Nyingmai Monlam Chenmo ended on 27thof Jan, 2018. This year is the 29thannual grand ceremony for the world peace organized by NMCIF at Bodhgaya. After the Parni Nirvana of His Holiness Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche the then 6th head of Nyingmapa, the broad of Nyingma Monlam Chenmo Internatonal Foundation has jointly appointed His Holiness Kyabjey Kathok Getse Gyurmey Tenpai Gyaltsen as 7th Throne Holder of Nyingmapa in exile. The decision was made at the spiritual gathering of Their Eminences of six major Monasteries and Nyingma Board of NMCIF at Bodh Gaya during the course of on-going Monlam. The board has decided that the head of Nyingma will be in rotation among the six major Monasteries, Kathok, Dzogchen, Zhechen, Minlling, Dordrak and Payul respectively for the term of three years.

On the last day, corresponding the Guru Rinpoche’s day, all the Sangha and lay followers lead by His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche, the president of NMCIF, His Eminence Jangkhang Khentrul Rinpoche, the vice president of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabjey Khochen Rinpoche, the General Secretary of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabjey Ringo Trulku Rinpoche and many other of Nyingma Khenpos and Trulkus offered a Mandala to newly appointed Nyingma Head.

May the Buddha Dharma be victorious!

His Holiness the 12thMindroling Thrichen, Gyurmey Kunzang Jigmey Rinpoche

His Holiness Mindrolling Dungsey Dralha Rinpoche has been officially enthroned as the 12thMindroling Thrichen at Lhasa on auspicious day of 8th of 12th month of rooster year. May this auspicious event bring the glory in the Buddha Dharma in general and to the Mindrolling tradition specifically. We, as Mindroling Sangha, pay our great respect and service to the unfailing master for now and ever. May you live for eons to benefit the sentient beings.

29th Annual Nyingma Monlam Chenmo (Grand Ceremony)

This year is 29th Annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo conducted by Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation. For this year, it begins from 17th of Jan, and ends on 27th.

Picture Story- His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche, the president of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabje Khochhen Rinpoche , the General Secretary of NMCIF and His Eminence Kyabje Ringo Trulku Rinpoche visiting the Nyingmapa Dharma camp inspecting the preparation.

Mindrollng Celebrates 53rd Foundation Day

After the devastating tragidy in 1950 in Tibet, small group of assets from Mindrolling Monastery managed to fle to India which includes, the supprem jewel, master and guidaince of all times His Holiness Kyabje Minlling Thrichen Dorjichang, Gyurmey Kunzang Wangyal acompanied by His Eminence Kyabjey Khochen Rinpoche and few monks. After much struggle and taugh time, Second Akanistha, Wogmin Ogyen Mindrolling, definet garden of happiness was able to Re-eastiblish in Noble land of India as the main seat of HH minlling Thrichen rinpoche.

Later, His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche arrived to India and thus complete mindrolling tradition as same as Mindrolling in tibet was established. Today is the day where the subjects like us to remember and recollect the gratefulness of masters and thier hardships up to present time.

It is now when we have to be proud of after 53 years that how many scholars, practitioners and buddhists had this Monastery donated to the spiritual world.

Its the time we look back to the history of how the poineers had worked to make all this happen and how our monastery’s managers and supporters have work hard to maintain the outer inner and secret of monastery’s activity beautifully.

Happy Foundation!

Ngagyur Nyingma College Celebrates Guru’s Birth Day

Amidst the busy schedule of annual examinition going on, the Khenpos, lopons and students of NNC celebrated the birth day of His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche in simple and profound way. during the gathering at 9PM in lawn, verse of auspicious prayers were said and long live prayers for Rinpoche. Cake was cut by Chairman of College, Khenpo Thunten Tharchen. Sweet Tibetan tea served for the all the Sangha Gathered.

“Particularly in the Secret Mantra Vehicle, the teacher is the main refuge: his body is the Sangha, his speech the Dharma and his mind the Buddha. Recognize him, therefore, as the quintessential union of the Three Jewels and see all his actions as perfect. Follow him with absolute trust and try to pray to him all the time. Remember that to displease him with anything you do, say or think is to renounce the entire refuge, so put all your determination and effort into trying to please him all the time. No matter what happens to you, be it pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad, sickness or suffering, entrust yourself entirely to the Jewel of the teacher.”

—From words of my perfect teacher…

Annual Examination for Acedamic Year 2017-2018

Annual Examination of Ngagyur Nyingma College, Wogmin Ogyen Mindrolling. Clement Town, Derhadun.

We officially called off to the academic session, 2017 and students are now preparing for the annual examination. After the self study period of 15 days, students will write their first exam on 28th of Dec, 2017 which will be finished on 9th Jan, 2018.

Examiners, Ven. Khenpo Sangay Gyatso Laa, Lopon Lodroe Laa and Lopon Tshering Phuntsho Laa have distributed with the Index numbers today.

All the best for your exams.


Ngagyur Tholob Dogyued Lekshedling, An Institute of Buddhist Studies and Research popularly known as Ngagyur Nyingma College observes 27th Foundation Day.

The event began in presence of all Khenpo’s, Lopon’s and students of NNC with the recitation of verse of auspicious prayers, followed by speech from the Chairman of the college, Venerable Khenpo Thubten Tharchin. He said, “it’s important to mark this day as important for us to remember the gratitudes of our Rinpoche’s who painstakingly work hard to make everything possible for monks to study Buddha Dharma. It’s a day we should re promise our own self to dedicate our time in hearing, contemplating and meditating of Dharma all the time. It’s the day we must remember the successive Lineage of the tradition from Terchen Gyurmey Dorji, the dharma King to this day for the continues guidance and blessing”

An hour long ceremony was ended with speech from Disciplinarian, Dephuk Trulku Jangchub Rigzin about importance of Discipline in Shedra and its purposes and vote of thanks speech by Lopon Sangye Dorji.

The event was kindly joined by Ven. Lama Tenchyab and many other senior monks.

Vietnam Mindrolling Sangha’s Journey to Hung Yen city with Rinpoche

It is a month long spiritual visit to teach the Mindrolling Sangha in Vietnam as part of Rinpoche’s annual activities. Rinpoche will visit Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da lat and other places to bless and teach Disciples and devotees.

His Holiness the 12th Mindrilling Trichen Dalha Rinpoche

His Holiness the 12th Mindrilling Trichen Dalha Rinpoche, the son of His Holiness the 11th Mindrolling Trichen and Yum Sonam-la (his mother), was born in Tibet in 1959 while His Holiness was in the Gesar retreat, so he was named Dalha Gyaltsen. When His Holiness had to flee Tibet due to the Chinese invasion, Yum Sonam-la and the young Dungsay Dalha Gyalsten were unfortunately not able flee with His Holiness.

While growing up in Tibet, Rinpoche studied under many qualified Teachers and his interests included Tibetan medicine. Years later, Rinpoche traveled to Mindrolling Monastery in India and received numerous teachings and transmissions from some of the most accomplished great masters of that time. These included His Holiness Mindrolling Trichen (His Father), His Holiness Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, His Holiness Trulshig Rinpoche and Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok. Dungsay Rinpoche resides in Tibet where he returned after studying in India for many years.

Executive Meeting of Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation

Two days High Level Executive Meeting of Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation (24th, 25th of October, 2017) held at New Delhi, Capital of India.

The meeting was arranged in order to discuss on series of topics ranging from management to future sustainability of Monlam in the long time to come.

Chaired by His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche as current president, the meeting is being attained by all high masters of Nyingmapa, that are, His Eminence Jangkhang Khentrul Rinpoche as Vice President, His Eminence Zhenphen Ranjam Rinpoche, His Eminence Kyabje Khochhen Rinpoche, the General Secretary of NNMCIF, HE Ringo Trulku Rinpoche and all other members of NNMCIF. The meeting is also joined by Her Excellency, Gyari Drolma and Honourable Seymo Tsering Gellek.

Crematory Ceremony

His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, the then Sixth supreme head (Throne Holder) of Ngagyur Nyingmapa Sect has left his holy physical body attaining the sublime eternality showing the teachings of impermanence. It was more than a year ago while Rinpoche entered into Maha Perinirvana at Bodh Gaya, the land of Buddha.

The Sangha and devotees worldwide has gathered at his main monastery, (Thubten Dorjidrak Evam Chokgar Monastery, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh) today (19/10/2917) to attend the crematory ceremony.

His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche and Mindrolling Sangha attended the ceremony as requested. Thousands of monks, nuns and lay practitioners from around the world has also gather to pray and pay homage.

Let us all fold our hands together and pray for the swift rebirth of unfailing master for all sentient beings on this significant day.


To all the Sangha and devotees of the Yungdrung BON Tradition,

It’s our heartfelt sympathy and share equal amount of grave and sadness for the loss of one of the greatest masters of our time, HH Menri Thridzin Rinpoche.

The Ngagyur Nyingmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism joins the sect of BON Tradition in praying for the swift rebirth of the master and may this very act of Mahaboddhisattva benefit the sentient beings for showing the example of great impermanence though he has attained the eternality.

President of Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation,
Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche

His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche’s Annual Dharma Tour in Taiwan

Rinpoche was cordially invited by Taiwan Mahayana Association to proceed over the annual Grand Ceremony. its a ceremony where all Mahayana scholars from Taiwan comes together to perform, number of masters from Tibetan Buddhism were also present to observe the ceremony.

Whole sangha gathered performed prayers and aspiration for the world peace led by His Eminence Minlling Khechen Rinpoche in the morning followed by funeral ceremony to led the departed soul to higher realm by self liberating the fife poisons in accordance to mahakarunika avaloketeshvara

The Buddha Canteen & Buddha Temple Coffee Shop

Ngagyur Nyingma College has had a small canteen which served all students with basic needs like pen, pencil, book and necessary groceries like toothbrush, toothpaste and so on. Standard of college’s canteen has improved recently with new and separate building having a large hall containing wide ranges of things that students are in needed of. It also includes restaurant with separate kitchen and coffee shop. Tired and exhausted mood of monks are refreshed and prepared for next seminars with the cold drinks, tea and snacks from it.

Not only students of the monastery but also the tourists are being benefited with the services. The visitors visiting Buddha Temple can not only enjoy the beverages but also clean and fresh vegetarian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on order. Installed water filter (Cool drinking water) outside is for free that our college offers as gratitude. Canteen is opened every day from 6am until 10pm. The supervisor, Lopon Drukdra Gyatso and Tseten Gompo works hard to maintain and manage the canteen up to the customer’s satisfaction. Religious ritual books and stationaries are available in comparatively reasonable price. They have a plan to keep monks robes of all sizes so that students can get what they need from within the campus. The little money that is made from the profit is to be used for small daily expenses and maintenance of broken things like light bulb and so on in the college.


  • Canteen timing:
  • Morning 6am opens.
  • 12 noon to 2;30pm Closed for (lunch break)
  • Opens from 2:30 to 10pm. (No Weekends and holidays.)
  • No non-veg items are available in the restaurant.
  • We appreciate SILENCE in canteen area since our monks are studying.
  • You are under CCTV surveillance within the campus and inside the canteen.

NGAGYUR NYINGMA COLLEGE, (an institute of advanced Buddhist philosophical research) under MINDROLING resumes for the academic year 2017!

Since its establishment, Ngagyur Nyingma College has succeeded in performing its duty as an exemplary institute in the present Buddhist world. Likewise, today we are proud to let the world know about 15 of our students have graduated from this institute who are now capable with different abilities to help the teachings of Buddha flourish to all direction. Very auspicious greeting to all graduates and to all the students who have come up with the excellent results. Students in the college study and practice the Buddha’s teaching in accordance with legendary Kuenkhen Longchen Rabjam, Rigzin Terdag Lingpa, Lochen Dharma Shri and Jamgoen Mipham Rinpoche. From the grand annual meeting held recently, new responsibilities are shouldered to new posts. The exchange ceremony of responsibilities also held together with result declaration day. Result for the new comers who recently did entrance examination was also declared today.

Annual Result for primary (Zhirim) am Dratsang (Secondary school) of mindroling

Annual result for the primary school (Zhirim) and secondary (Dratsang) school of Mindroling was declared in presence of His Eminence Minling Khenchen Rinpoche and His Eminence Khochen Rinpoche. Primary and secondary school has eight levels of classes where monks learn recitation, calligraphy, grammar, poetry and philosophy. On completion of all eight classes, students can join Ngagyur Nyingma College or continue serving and practicing in the monastery.

Losar Tashi Delek

Our world has entered into victorious Tibetan year 2144 and now a Losar (New Year) of Fire Female Bird Year. As a human being, we are blessed with precious qualities that many living creatures on earth are deprived of. Therefore it’s important to remind our self of basic purpose of our precious human life. To cultivate Bodhi Chita and to keep our daily life guided by norms of Karma should be our daily life’s motto. One should start the new year with motivated mind of rethinking and reforming one’s own life to dedicate more on spiritual way not only of yourself but also to influence others too.

You can start the New Year at least by becoming vegetarian, refraining from harming any living creatures including your own self and living your life guided by principal of Buddha’s teachings. May this Female Fire Bird year bring the unlimited blessing of Buddha and Bodhisattvas for the prosperity of whole world. I keep the tradition of Wishing Good Luck and dedicate my sincere prayers to whoever connected to me in either way.

Reconstruction of the Ngagyur Nyingma College of Mindrolling Monastery

Reconstruction of the Ngagyur Nyingma College of Mindrolling Monastery was successfully completed and consecrated on 15 th of Vaisaka month in lunar calendar in presence of His Eminence Khochen Rinpoche, His Eminence Khenchen Rinpoche, Her Eminence Sangyum Kushok, Ven. Khenpos, Teachers and students. The project of reconstructing was started in the year 2012 since the old one was in accessible for the growing number of monks. The expanded new College consists of 87 rooms, a kitchen, dining area, restrooms, big lawn in between and beautiful gardens.

Gutor/Shinjey Drekjom. The Great Yamantaka Sadhana

Mindroing in India has never failed in upholding its tradition of carrying out all Drupchens (Great Accomplishment Ceremonies) just as in Great Mindroing in Tibet. Gutor/Shinjey is one of them. It is always carried out at the supper end of the year and the Idyllic Yamantaka furies Mask (ZOR) will be burned on 29 th of 12 th . It is indeed the annual ritual to help our negative KARMA and all related bad omens burns before the start of New Year (LOSAR). The present on-going Gutor/Shinjey Sandhana is presided over by His Eminence Tulku Pema Namgyal Rinpoche as (Dorji Lopon) Vajracharya and Tulku Ngawang Jigdrel Kunga, our unsurpassable Chant Master (Umze) and other ven. Tulkus and monks.

The seven days long ceremony started its preliminary preparations from 15/02/2017 and the real puja began from 19/02/2017 corresponding to 23rf of 12 th month of Fire Monkey year. Never think that your small virtuous actions are useless, Many drops of water will make a mighty ocean. Never think your small negative action will not be effective, Even a tiny spark of fire will burn huge mountain. It would be difficult for individuals to perform such a great Sadhanas but if we offer our mind, body and speech whole-heartedly, there is no doubt that we benefit with the same advantages as it is said that when we rejoice on others good merit with pure heart, we share the same merit. Not only that, if one participate in such accomplishment physically, financially or by any means, you all are most Well-Come!

MahaPerinirvana of His Eminence the late TaklungTsetrul Rinpoche

On official request from The Sangha of ThubtenDorjiDrak, seat of His Eminence, the late KyabjeyTaklungTsetrul Rinpoche,Rinpoche has granted to fulfill their wish. Rinpoche Consecrated the first MahaPernirvana of His Holines Rinpoche reached at Shimla on 8/1/2017. Leaving behind the hard weather of Snowfall and severe cold Rinpoche stayed for three days until the end.

27th Annual Exam For Ngagyur Nyingma College

Monks in Shedra writes their annual examinations from 10th of 11th month of moon calendar each year. This year it corresponded from 07/01/2017 till 19/01/2017. Students from 1st year to 4th year have 4 subjects each to write and student from 5th year to 9th has 5 subjects to write. It was of grand success this year due to the effort made by two Exam Coordinators, Lopon Sonam Rabten and Lopon Shedrupa and unfailing support from the administration (Ven. Khenpo Wangchen Dendup, Lopon Sonam Darjey, Lopon Ngawang Thekchok & Yeshi Wangchuk.) Students were blessed by the visit of His Eminence for several times during the course of Exam.

Birth Day of His Eminence Minling Khenchen Rinpoche

On this day, (5th Jan) our world has received the precious gift in the form of 9th Minling Khenchen, Ngawang Khyenrab Gyatso. It’s the day we should be proud of for having the unfailing master even in this devalued time and age. With due respect and utmost devotion, we would like to state few points with regard to HH Minling Khenchen Rinpoche’s Birth Anniversary. Unlike what others do, Rinpoche doesn’t entertain people celebrating his birth day in grand celebration. Yet to keep the tradition and teacher-student relation until the Bodhi-state, followers in and around the world has showed their own respect as per their own perception and level of devotion by posting on social media like facebook, wechat etc. So, we like to share some points which is being emphasized by Rinpoche as most important in human life, Human life is most precious gift on this universe and at the same time very fragile and unstable.

We don’t know what we will see next, tomorrow or death. Therefore, to make this life meaningful by refraining from negative actions, implementing pure devotion towards root teacher and nurturing the precious Bodhi-Chita are our prime goal of life. Unconditional compassions towards helpless animals, releasing lives and becoming vegetarian are something valuable things we human being should practice. Thus, by and by, we can achieve temporal and ultimate peace in mind for one and all when at last we understand the pure state of our own mind”. So, request all the devoted followers of His Eminence Minling Khenchen Rinpoche around the world to keep in mind of those points that Rinpoche shares us on this auspicious day. Many Many Happy return of the day, May you live Eons to eliminate the darkness of this contaminated world. Happy Birth Day Rinpoche.

Monks from Shedra moves to Bodh Gaya for 28th annual Nyingma monlam Chenmo

Monks from Shedra moves to Bodh Gaya for 28th annual Nyingma monlam Chenmo. Since its establishement, Mindroling monastery has play a vital role in main stream of annual conduct of Nyingma Grand aspration ceremony. Its all due to the grace and blessings of the succecsive masters who had come on throne. Every year its conducted on 1 st day of 12 th month in moon calender which correspounded on 28th jan. 2017. This year, His Eminence Minling Khenchen Rinpoche is new president of Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo. It will continue until next 10 days.

52nd Foundation of Mindroling Monastery in Exile

Mindroling monastery in the Noble land of india is 52 years old and has different story to narrate in Exile. No sooner than His Eminence 11th Minlling Thrichen Dorjichang with small group of Mindroling Monks reached India, on this day, the wish fulfilling jewel, garden of pure happiness, second Akanishta, the unfailing nest, Wogmin Ogyen Mindroling was founded in Noble Land of India by His Eminence the Late Jampal Lodroe Rinpoche and His Eminence Khochen Rinpoche. Thereafter, mindroling Sangha were lucky enough for HE Khochen Rinpoche could invite His Eminence Minling Thrichen Dorjichang & family from Kalimpong, His Holines Dungsey Dralharinpoche and His Eminence Minling Khenchen Rinpoche from Tibet.

Today, 6th of Jan is the happiest moment for all individuals who have studied, worked and been part of this wonderful monastery as we gather together to remember the day as our Foundation day. This is the time where we get an opportunity to pay our gratefulness to those noble beings who have left us and those who are still alive to guid us. Happy Foundation Day To all Mindroling Sangha

The First Day of 28th Annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam

The First Day of 28th Annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam. First session of first day. 28th annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam. Attendent by thousands of monks and nuns presided by Their Eminences, Minling Khenchen Rinpoche, Jangkhang Khentul Rinpoche, Dzongnang Yangsi Rinpoche, Kathok Getsi Rinpoche and many other venorables Khenpos and tulkus. The day began with recitation of Tri- Ratna Anus Mriti Sutra inside led by many rinpoches together. His Eminence Kyabjey Minling Khenchen Rinpoche presides over the flok of sangha in the southern side of stupa as always.

Rinpoche’ss Annual Dharma visit to Vietnam

Rinpoche’ss annual Dharma visit to Vietnam. Vietnam Mindroling Center had invited His Eminence and Minling Sangha to pay avisit. Rinpoche granted their wish staying there for a month. Rinpoche wasaccompanied by two Mindroling Khenpos, tulku and few others.

27th Foundation day of Ngagyur Nyingma College

The 8th of Dec, 2016 is the memorable and special day for Ngagyur Nyingma College. It is the day to remember and pay homage to those figures who relentlessly worked hard to bring up this mighty institute many years ago. We celebrate this day not to enjoy but to remember the qualities and wisdom this college has given to numbers of intellectuals. This year was extra-ordinarily blessed with the presence of His Eminence 9th Minling Khenchen Rinpoche. All Sangha including Khenpos and teacher blessed the day. May the Buddha Dharma flourish in all directions and this Institute be a contributor.

Stupa Inauguration and Consecration Ceremony

His Holiness the Dalai Lama inaugurated the World Peace Stupa on 28th of October, 2001 in presence of the special guests including the honorable Defense Minister of India, Shri George Fernandes, the Vice Chairman of Lok-Sabha Shri Lachungpa, and the CM of UA. Shri. Hari Singh, the CM of Arunachal Pradesh Mr. Tsering Gyurme, the President of Lhadak’s Autonomous Body Mr. Thubten Tsewang, the Chairman of Tibetan People’s Deputy of CTA Mr. Perna Jungne and the Vice-chairman Mrs. Gyari Dolma, the Minister of Department of Education and Religion of CTA Mr. Thubten Lungrig, the Dalai Lama’s special envoy to the US Mr. Gyari Lodoe Gyaltsen, the former Minister of CTA Mr. Sadu Rinchen, and the Ambassador of Bhutan in Bangladesh. The renowned spiritual masters such as Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche, Khenchen Rinpoche, Khochhen Rinpoche, Sakya Dungse Rinpoche, Dzogchen Rinpoche, and Dorzong Rinpoche, Khenpos, Tulkus and Lopans were also present during the inaugural ceremony along with the hundreds of monks and lay people.

Having welcomed all the guests and people who gathered during the ceremony, the Dalai Lama expressed his deep appreciation for this remarkable achievement. He said was the result of the financial support from the great benefactor Ven. Ti Ching, the infinite aspiration and leadership of His Holiness Trichen Rinpoche, and the sole administration of Ven. Khochhen Rinpoche. While particularly thanking Ven. Khochhen Rinpoche for his hard work, the Dalai Lama admired Khochhen Rinpoche’s simplicity and dedicated personality.

During the inaugural ceremony 28th of October 2002, His Holiness the Dalai Lama consecrated the stupa. Later, His Eminence Trulshig Rinpoche performed the consecration ritual for five days. Again, in early 2003, His Holiness Sakya Trizin led a consecration ceremony for the stupa for three days.