Losar Tashi Delek

10 Mar , 2017

Our world has entered into victorious Tibetan year 2144 and now a Losar (New Year) of Fire Female Bird Year. As a human being, we are blessed with precious qualities that many living creatures on earth are deprived of. Therefore it’s important to remind our self of basic purpose of our precious human life. To cultivate Bodhi Chita and to keep our daily life guided by norms of Karma should be our daily life’s motto. One should start the new year with motivated mind of rethinking and reforming one’s own life to dedicate more on spiritual way not only of yourself but also to influence others too.

You can start the New Year at least by becoming vegetarian, refraining from harming any living creatures including your own self and living your life guided by principal of Buddha’s teachings. May this Female Fire Bird year bring the unlimited blessing of Buddha and Bodhisattvas for the prosperity of whole world. I keep the tradition of Wishing Good Luck and dedicate my sincere prayers to whoever connected to me in either way.