Gyen Shedrup la and Tenzin Nyima la

01 Apr , 2021

Gyen Shedrup la (1925-2021)one of the senior most Master (Nga Ramjamba) passed away on the 15th day of 2nd month of the Lunar calendar in Lhasa, Tibet. He was 96 years old.He is the last remaining Master of the previous generation of Mindrolling lineage. On the 22nd day of the 2nd Lunar month, his kudung will be taken to Mindroling monastery, Lhoka for cremation according to the tradition.

Brief life story of Gyen Shedrupla

After the cultural revolution in Tibet, Gyenla along with Lt. Tenzin Nyimala, revived all the Mindrolling rituals and ceremonies. They continued to teach to all the younger generations who were newly joined the monastery. 

After Gyenla was invited to Mindrolling in Dehra Dun, India, he taught all the ceremonial rituals, ritual lama dances, chanting melodies, torma making etc always making sure the monks got it perfectly.

After completing his work, he returned Tibet. All the ceremonies and aspects of the ceremonies that continues to be followed today are the fruition of his contribution.

Lt. Tenzin Nyima la also had passed away a few years ago in Tibet. He too was invited to Mindrolling in India where he gave the oral transmissions of Rigzin Gyurme Terdag Lingpa’s Kabum to the sangha and then left for tibet. After arriving in Tibet, he stayed in solitary retreat till he passed away.

Mindrolling Sangha in Tibet, India and all the followers in the world are indebted to them for their diligence, patience, kindness and great efforts in giving this generations the continuity of Mindrolling rituals which will flourish till eternity. We as the the followers of this lineage are indebted to them. We feel a great sense of loss, deep gratitude and pride in their great contributions to the lineage.We hope that the guidance they have provided may continue through this generation and the future. 

Gyen Shedrup la and Tenzin Nyima la were the last of the older generation of Mindrolling Sangha.