Summer Retreat 2018 successfully Ended

10 Sep , 2018

Yarney (Summer Retreat.)

Monks undertake Summer Retreat in order to purify and strengthen their precepts. It is held every year for a month and half starting from 15th of 6th month of Tibetan calendar till the end of 7th month. It is held so that the monks can minimize the chances of harming creatures and even humans knowingly or unknowingly. Staying in summer retreat also help monks accomplish virtues and wholesome tasks easily and minimize tragedies that occur to them when going outside. They are left with less activities whereby providing them plenty of time to study and practice. It also acts as a bridge to connect to much more precepts of a monk that they should follow.

Gagyey (Ceremony of lifting the restrictions set during summer retreat.)

As the name suggest, it is a ceremony that monks undergo right after summer retreat where they are lifted away from those extra restrictions that were imposed on them to follow while in the retreat. It is somewhat like a reward for staying in the retreat.