Rinpoches visit at Taiwan

03 Sep , 2018

His Holiness Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche attended the Grand Annual World Peace ceremony at Taipei, organised by Chung Hwa International Buddhist Association and Sangha Offering Group on 2nd Sept, 2018.

Along with the religious head from Buddhist Countries like Great China, Veitnam, Myanmar, Singapore and so on, His Holiness led the prayers as and ceremonies as requested by organisers.

The ceremony dedicated for the peace and prosperity of the world began with prayers in the morning with all the Sangha and Lay practitioners.

Rinpoche led the liberating rituals as per the liturgy of "THUKJE CHENPO DUK-NGA RANGDROL" (avaloketeshvara natural freedom from five poison) in the afternoon.

May Buddha Dharma florish forever.