Lay Buddhist’s Association, Republic of China Invites Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche as Instructor of Tibetan Buddhism

27 Jul , 2018

Lay Buddhist’s Association was founded in 1968 with its ambition to help the communities in the fields of health and education, awareness of healthy life and support to those youths who are under influence of drugs abuse around the globe. It also functions as a major forum of discussion about Buddhist principles and values of Mahayana Buddhism.

The lay Buddhist associations now have more than 5000 participants including members and staff from Great China.

It’s an opportunity to serve the Buddha Dharma and indeed a great pride to Mindrolling lineage for choosing His Holiness the 9th Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche as an instructor for this grand association. May the Buddha Dharma grow to its highest possible dimension and may all sentient beings get benefit.

Tashi Delek.