The Inauguration of New Shrine Hall and Library of NNC

20 Jul , 2018

The 4th day of 6th month in lunar calendar, the first Sermon of Lord Buddha. The victorious Tibetan year of 2145. Corresponding to the 16th of July 2018 is the chosen day for inauguration of New Shrine hall and library for Ngagyur Nyingma College, Mindrolling monastery which is an important day in the history of Great Mindrolling Lineage in India.

The Shrine hall has been successfully completed under the strict personal guidance of HE Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche. It’s perfect mixture of traditional culture and modern art where by the whole look is simple, vast and perfect. Not only the outer structures, but also the inner figures like statues, paintings and portraits were installed only according to the pure vision of Rinpoche.

The 6ft tall Buddha Sakyamuni Statue and its entire attire is being copied from Buddha’s Statue at Maha Boddhi temple at Bodhgaya. We can proudly say that this is the first time in history of Tibetan Buddhism. The gigantic hall will be used as a prayer Hall where monks from Shedra will perform religious activities like, expounding, debate and so on. The Holy rainy retreat will be observed in the hall. The upper part will be used as a Library hall where sacred and important text will be kept. It has Vajrasattava made up of pure copper painted in gold as the main statue. Open and free with maximum space is what makes this perfect place for the monks to study, practice and do open debate.

During the inauguration day, His Eminence Kyabjey Khochen Rinpoche was especially invited to grace the event. Taiwan based Chung-Hwa international merit society of Buddha and Sangha offering paid a visit for the event. Vietnam Mindrolling Sangha event attained the event beginning from the preparation.

The most auspicious moment of the day was, when the Holy Wisdom Message from His Holiness the 12th Minlling Thrichen Gyurmey Kuenzang Jigmey Rinpoche was heard. Rinpoche sends all his blessings and greetings from land of Snow to his retinue in Noble India with touching and beautiful poem.
Mindrolling Shedra, Ngagyur Nyingma College has 165 students, 25 teachers and 15 khenpos in total taking part in daily activities regularly.

The success of such a wonderful event is all because of hardwork and dedication from all the monks, Khenpos, teachers and hearty sponsors.

Thank you