Ngagyur Nyingma College

26 Jun , 2018

Ngagyur Nyingma College, an Institute of Higher Buddhist Philosophy and Research looks forward in acquiring wholesome education and unity among different sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

In a recent days, we the Sangha of NNC are very pleased to have this great soul with us.

  1. A Literature Professor Beri Jigmey Wangyal laa to share his best knowledge of Tibetan Poetry. Best known in Tibetan literary circles for being the only romantic poet who has a Geshe degree, Beri Jigme Wangyal has published over 20 books on a wide variety of subjects and teaches at the Central University of Tibetan Studies in Varanasi, India. He has said that he hopes that his books, “have the potential to change people’s soul.” We the Students of NNC are lucky to have him for second time, first in 2014 and this year as well to learn and study with him.​
  2. Lharam Gashey Jamyang Trashi Laa. Born and brought up at Ladag, studied Buddhist Philosophies extensively for 21 years at Serajey Monastery. In 2011; after passing out with first division at the grand final Geshay Examination, and continued to study for Gashey Ngakrampa at Sangchen Toejued Dratsang for 3 years. After 2014, as per His Holiness Dalai Lama’s suggestion, taking responsibility in introducing Buddhist philosophy at Ladag Communities. Until now, serving Buddha Dharma around the world in whichever way possible.

We the students are lucky enough to have Gashey Laa here to teach us and impart a wisdom for all times to come.