The Sacred Dance Manifest

28 Mar , 2018

Lama Sangdü. བླ་མ་གསང་འདུས་ is a revelation of Guru Chöwang (1212-1270), a speech incarnation of King Trisong Detsen. Lama Sangdü is the main lama practice in the Rinchen Terdzö and the Döjo Bumzang. It is practised by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, especially on the 10th day of the Tibetan month and the anniversary of the birth of Guru Rinpoche. And Mindrolling monastery has become the central icon among the Nyingma tradition in Tibet after great dharma king, Terdag Lingpa revive the treasure. In the same way, Mindrolling monastery in India has also become the central icon among the Nyingma monasteries in exile. The three days ceremony which begins from 8th of 2nd lunar month is part of annual grand ceremony in the monastery.

The sacred dance of eight manifestation of Guru padma Sambhava are being performed.

The sequence of dances are as follows:

  1. Tsam-Choed
  2. Jinbeb
  3. Serkem Cham,
  4. Tum Ngam
  5. Tsoklen
  6. Ging
  7. kadrenchen
  8. Guru Tsengyed
  9. Khandro De-Nga
  10. Tsangpa And Ja