His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche's annual Dharma Visit to Vietnam

14 Mar , 2018

Rinpoche accompanied by a group of Sangha from Ngagyur Nyingma College visited Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and then to Hochiminh City which is in the south of Vietnam. Rinphce’s Teachings for the lay persons are simple and easy to follow for the beginners.

Rinpoche Talked

We are all very lucky to have this very Human life which has a capable of doing good deeds as wel as bad. If we compare with the other living beings, Human beings are very less because its very difficult to get. We need lots of virtue and positive karma to have this very precious jewel of human life.

Once we have this very precious Human life, one sad thing again is, it is impermanent, we don’t know what will happen next moment. So, it is important to use this life as a divice to perform a good deeds and create a positive karma, practice and dedicate for good purpose. When I say, practice I doesn’t mean ONLY praying, meditating and visiting Temples every day. Practice i mean is making and watching of your motivation. Motivation is one single important in which ever practice we perform.

We have uncountable customs and rituals like reciting, chanting and reading on different deities like Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Buddha and many more, what ever may be, if your motivation is to have a good and healthy life, good income, have lots of wealth and so on, your motivation is too small because its self centered one. It’s little thing. If you are doing the practice with the big vision of benifeting the countless sentient beings, for the peace and prosperity of all sentient beings, then it is really called as pure motivation and Compassion. We recite and chant mantra not for Buddha or Guru Rinpoche, Buddha and Guru Rinpoche does not need any mantra for the self’s.

I saw in some of your homes, you have very attractive alter with expensive paintings and arts and we say we get blessings form them, but just hanging it on the alter will less help you. How do we get blessing?  Having or not having an expensive statue and painting is not so important, we have, it’s good. And it’s okay if we don’t have also, but following their teachings is what is more important. If you have very expensive alter and your activities are just opostie to what the Buddha’s teachings are, you are creating and bad karma which is more heavy then normal bad karma. We Asian Buddhist have habit of liking too much of recieving the emportant only. Practice is more important then recieving. Recieving so many empowerments and not practicing is just like expecting and fruits without the seed. Get one empowerments and practice on one dieties. Nothing magical will happen, even Buddha himself has worked hard to get enlightenment and shown us the path, we need to have good motive and dedication to our own self. Don’t expect something miracle will happen like in farry tales reading story books.

Keeping Buddhas statue and having an attractive alters are only the Branch of what I mean by practice. The main key of the practice is moulding your mind and watching your activities of Body, speech and mind. Reflect to your own mind and learn your self weather you are good human beings or bad human beings. Feel shame on yourself if you are not going on the path asper the teachings.

One more important thing is, If you are non vegiterrian, keep a perticular time in a year as vegiterrian so that it will help reduce killing many sentient beings, depending of your diet, health and other status, dedicate on eating less non vegetable

The visit was for two weeks and on 13th of march, the group returned to Monastery in Derhadun.