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Due to the efforts and teachings of the great Mahaguru Padmasambhava, Buddhism flourished in Tibet beginning in the 8th century. Of the four main schools that developed, the oldest is the Nyingma or the Old Translation School. The Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug lineages comprise the Sarma or New Translation School.The essence of the Nyingma lineage is the precious Dzogchen teachings, the most ancient, powerful and direct teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. For today’s troubled world, these teachings are the clearest and most effective way to realize one’s full potential as a human being. The Nyingmapa or Nyingma School has six main monasteries of learning and practice. Of the six, Mindrolling is one of the largest and most important practice and study centers in Central Tibet.

Since its establishment in 1676 by the great Dharma King Chogyal Terdag Lingpa, Mindrolling has attracted monks from the length and breadth of Tibet. Mindrolling is considered by all the great masters of Tibetan Buddhism, and especially by all the teachers of the Nyingma lineage as an inspiring example of practicing the pure and profound Dharma of Vajrayana Buddhism. An unbroken lineage of great masters continues up to this day and Mindrolling is known throughout the Dharma world, both as the lineage and monastery dedicated completely to Dharma activities and as a main center for maintaining the precious secret Vajrayana Doctrined.



  1. 8am to 12:00 noon.
  2. 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm (Lunch Break, area is opened but the Shrine Rooms are closed)
  3. 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm


  1. 8am to 12:00 noon.
  2. 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm (Lunch Break, area is opened but the Shrine Rooms are closed)
  3. 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm

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29th Annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo at Bodhgaya will begin from 17th Jan, 2018 for ten days. This year is the second year of HIs Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche’s responsibility as a President of Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation.


The on-going College’s library cum Shrine hall is two storied building where monks will gather for rituals and prayers in the ground floor and use upper floor as a library. After much dedicated hard work, it will be completed within few months from now.

Your Dharma Support is Appreciated
You may offer your support for the on-going library cum shrine hall project
by clicking the donation button below.
Minling Khenchen Rinpoche, who is in-charge of the construction of on-going library cum shrine hall project, is the only authorized fundraiser.


Today, on the auspecious 15th day of 4th month of tibetan calendar which is withnessed as the day of buddha’s 5 sacred acts falling in one same day, we the Sangha of Ngagyur Nyingma College, Mindrolling Monastery carried out the virtuous act of releasing lives of thousands of fishes as an annual life releasing Ceremony.

The co-ordinator of the program and the whole Sangha of the monastery would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those generous people for their contributions without which, the program would not have taken its shape and also to those who have put in great amount of time and effort so that the program went swiftly and leave smiles on the faces of everyone of us at the end of a busy and exhausting day.

May the wishes and aspirations of all of you be fulfilled and may the Dharma and all those great beings that holds and spread dharma towards all directions live long.

Thank You and SARWA MANGALAM!!!

Ngagyur Nyingma College Resumes for its new Academic Year

Ngagyur Nyingma College, an Institute of Higher Buddhist Philosophy and research under Wogmin Ogyen Mindrolling Monastery in India resumes for its new Academic year.

At the annual award day, along with results and certificates, recruiting new Administrator and exchange of other responsibility holders were also done.

Khenpo Karma Thrinly is new president followed by khenpo Sonam Rabten as deputy Chair Person. Lopon Tshering Phuntsho as secretary, Khenpo Jurmey Phelgyed and lopon Tashi Paljor as Cashier. Khenpo Sherab Gyatso, lopon Ngawang Theckchok and lopon Ugyen Tshering as Examiner which makes the complete administration team for a year.

Ngagyur Nyingma College is proud to have 14 of our students graduated after nine consecutive years. They will now serve as teachers in various monasteries in India, Nepal, Bhutan and rest of the world. We offer our warm Greetings and prayers.

Big congratulations and TRASHI DELEK to those academic toppers and to all others.

Tashi Delek.

The Sacred Dance Manifest

Lama Sangdü. བླ་མ་གསང་འདུས་ is a revelation of Guru Chöwang (1212-1270), a speech incarnation of King Trisong Detsen. Lama Sangdü is the main lama practice in the Rinchen Terdzö and the Döjo Bumzang. It is practised by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, especially on the 10th day of the Tibetan month and the anniversary of the birth of Guru Rinpoche. And Mindrolling monastery has become the central icon among the Nyingma tradition in Tibet after great dharma king, Terdag Lingpa revive the treasure. In the same way, Mindrolling monastery in India has also become the central icon among the Nyingma monasteries in exile. The three days ceremony which begins from 8th of 2nd lunar month is part of annual grand ceremony in the monastery.

The sacred dance of eight manifestation of Guru padma Sambhava are being performed.

The sequence of dances are as follows:

  1. Tsam-Choed
  2. Jinbeb
  3. Serkem Cham,
  4. Tum Ngam
  5. Tsoklen
  6. Ging
  7. kadrenchen
  8. Guru Tsengyed
  9. Khandro De-Nga
  10. Tsangpa And Ja

10 Days Long Kagyed Drupchen Ended

The Great Accomplishments on KAGYED DESHEK DUEPA came to an end successfully on 20/3/2018.

This ten days great Sadhana is performed every year as a part of monastery’s annual function.

It is performed in accordance with the instructions of the great master, Chögyal Terdag Lingpa, and to commemorate the anniversary of his parinirvana.

On the 9th day of the first lunar month (the 10 of March 2018), this wondrous ten-day ceremony began in the Great Stupa at Mindrolling Monastery in India. This sacred drubchen is based on the Kagyed De-Sheg Du Pa terma, one of the treasure teachings discovered by the renowned, Tertön Nyang Ral Nyima Wozer, and later revived by Terdag Lingpa.

When Terdag Lingpa was about to pass into parinirvana, it is said that he asked his disciples and sangha members not to grieve but to realize the truth of impermanence.

He then instructed them that if they had devotion for him and truly wanted to benefit beings, they should do the Kagyed ceremony each year. From that time on, the Kagyed drubchen has been held every year at Mindrolling to commemorate the passing of this peerless guru and founder of Mindrolling.

It is a precious time when everyone at Mindrolling Monastery and the Dhondup Ling Tibetan Colony comes together to receive the blessings and enjoy the spectacular Cham (ritual dance) performed by the monks each evening of the Kagyed drubchen.

Nearing to Complete Accomplishments of Mantra

New library cum Shrine hall is nearing its completion. Trulkus, Khenpos and senior monks presided over the

Zungdrup ceremony (accomplishments of Mantras) for the Buddha and Vajrasattva Statue.
The Mantra will soon be inserted and finalised.

His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche’s annual Dharma Visit to Vietnam

Rinpoche accompanied by a group of Sangha from Ngagyur Nyingma College visited Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and then to Hochiminh City which is in the south of Vietnam. Rinphce’s Teachings for the lay persons are simple and easy to follow for the beginners.

Rinpoche Talked

We are all very lucky to have this very Human life which has a capable of doing good deeds as wel as bad. If we compare with the other living beings, Human beings are very less because its very difficult to get. We need lots of virtue and positive karma to have this very precious jewel of human life.

Once we have this very precious Human life, one sad thing again is, it is impermanent, we don’t know what will happen next moment. So, it is important to use this life as a divice to perform a good deeds and create a positive karma, practice and dedicate for good purpose. When I say, practice I doesn’t mean ONLY praying, meditating and visiting Temples every day. Practice i mean is making and watching of your motivation. Motivation is one single important in which ever practice we perform.

We have uncountable customs and rituals like reciting, chanting and reading on different deities like Tara, Guru Rinpoche, Buddha and many more, what ever may be, if your motivation is to have a good and healthy life, good income, have lots of wealth and so on, your motivation is too small because its self centered one. It’s little thing. If you are doing the practice with the big vision of benifeting the countless sentient beings, for the peace and prosperity of all sentient beings, then it is really called as pure motivation and Compassion. We recite and chant mantra not for Buddha or Guru Rinpoche, Buddha and Guru Rinpoche does not need any mantra for the self’s.

I saw in some of your homes, you have very attractive alter with expensive paintings and arts and we say we get blessings form them, but just hanging it on the alter will less help you. How do we get blessing?  Having or not having an expensive statue and painting is not so important, we have, it’s good. And it’s okay if we don’t have also, but following their teachings is what is more important. If you have very expensive alter and your activities are just opostie to what the Buddha’s teachings are, you are creating and bad karma which is more heavy then normal bad karma. We Asian Buddhist have habit of liking too much of recieving the emportant only. Practice is more important then recieving. Recieving so many empowerments and not practicing is just like expecting and fruits without the seed. Get one empowerments and practice on one dieties. Nothing magical will happen, even Buddha himself has worked hard to get enlightenment and shown us the path, we need to have good motive and dedication to our own self. Don’t expect something miracle will happen like in farry tales reading story books.

Keeping Buddhas statue and having an attractive alters are only the Branch of what I mean by practice. The main key of the practice is moulding your mind and watching your activities of Body, speech and mind. Reflect to your own mind and learn your self weather you are good human beings or bad human beings. Feel shame on yourself if you are not going on the path asper the teachings.

One more important thing is, If you are non vegiterrian, keep a perticular time in a year as vegiterrian so that it will help reduce killing many sentient beings, depending of your diet, health and other status, dedicate on eating less non vegetable

The visit was for two weeks and on 13th of march, the group returned to Monastery in Derhadun.

3rd day of Losar

18th of Feb, 2018 corresponding to 3rd day of Losar is the most important day for the Mindrolling Sangha and Devotees since it’s the day when HIs Holiness the 11th Minlling Tri Rinpoch attained Maha Pari Nirvana.

Keeping in mind the importance of the day, the administration of Ngagyur Nyingma College has chosen the day as 4th enthronement ceremony of Khenpos (Professor).

15 Lopons were newly enthroned as Khenpo and confrered the certificate of professor. Two trulkus and thirteen lopons will now serve as Khenpos in various monasteries Mindrolling in particular.

The program began at 5am with TSEDRUP YANGNYING KUNDUE sadhana in presence of HE Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche. At 8 pm, with the arrival of HE Kyabje Khochhen Rinpoche and Jetsunma Khandro Rnpoche, the special guests and Sangha, issuing of certificates of Sutra and Tantra for the Shedra student began followed by awarding certificates to the Khenpos and escorting them on the throne.

May Buddha Dharma benefit all sentient beings.

Happy Losar

Dear Friends, I wish a Very Happy Losar to you all.

As the Fire Female Bird year comes to an end, I wish that any negativity or difficulty you may have experienced also ends and that the New Earth Male Dog year bring good health, peace, success, prosperity and all that you desire.

With each passing year, we experience various challenges in different walks of life, which help us not only to grow a year older but to also become a year wiser. We slowly develop the wisdom to understand that all things are impermanent; impermanence of life where we lost our loved ones, impermanence of jobs where we lost our jobs or where promoted, impermanence of our relationships either by break-ups or finding new partners and impermanence of success or prosperity, etc. These all indicates that things do not remain the same as each New Year passes, but instead bring different changes and challenges as well.

However, we know for sure that as one grows older each year, we strive to do better. We gain new hopes for the betterment of oneself and for others-to get better in our daily lives or better in our Dharma practices.

Yes, each year we grow older. We’ve learned that time is not going to wait for us to be wiser. A new year is the indication that we have lived one more year and are now looking forward to another year which incidentally is also bringing us a step closer to death. So my friends, I hope that each passing year allows us to grow wiser and kinder in thoughts, speech and actions.

My Dear Friends,

I pray that this New Year brings you more successful results than last year,

Wishing very good health, peace, kindness and prosperity to you all.

Most sincerely in Dharma,

9th Minling Khenchen Rinpoche.

15th February 2018.

Annual Yamantaka Sadhana

GUTOR sadhana is one of the Mindrolling Monastery’s series of Great accomplishments annually. The 7 days long ceremony will end on 14th of Feb, 2018. With the sacred prayers and rituals blessed by Buddhas of all time and masters of past, we pray for the peaceful and successful end of the current year and beginning new year.

May the Buddha Dharma be victorious!

Appointment of 7th Nyingma Head and the Successful completion of 29th Annual Ngagyur Nyingmai Monalm Chenmo

Ten days Ngagyur Nyingmai Monlam Chenmo ended on 27th of Jan, 2018. This year is the 29th annual grand ceremony for the world peace organized by NMCIF at Bodhgaya. After the Parni Nirvana of His Holiness Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche the then 6th head of Nyingmapa, the broad of Nyingma Monlam Chenmo Internatonal Foundation has jointly appointed His Holiness Kyabjey Kathok Getse Gyurmey Tenpai Gyaltsen as 7th Throne Holder of Nyingmapa in exile. The decision was made at the spiritual gathering of Their Eminences of six major Monasteries and Nyingma Board of NMCIF at Bodh Gaya during the course of on-going Monlam. The board has decided that the head of Nyingma will be in rotation among the six major Monasteries, Kathok, Dzogchen, Zhechen, Minlling, Dordrak and Payul respectively for the term of three years.

On the last day, corresponding the Guru Rinpoche’s day, all the Sangha and lay followers lead by His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche, the president of NMCIF, His Eminence Jangkhang Khentrul Rinpoche, the vice president of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabjey Khochen Rinpoche, the General Secretary of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabjey Ringo Trulku Rinpoche and many other of Nyingma Khenpos and Trulkus offered a Mandala to newly appointed Nyingma Head.

May the Buddha Dharma be victorious!

His Holiness the 12thMindroling Thrichen, Gyurmey Kunzang Jigmey Rinpoche

His Holiness Mindrolling Dungsey Dralha Rinpoche has been officially enthroned as the 12thMindroling Thrichen at Lhasa on auspicious day of 8th of 12th month of rooster year. May this auspicious event bring the glory in the Buddha Dharma in general and to the Mindrolling tradition specifically. We, as Mindroling Sangha, pay our great respect and service to the unfailing master for now and ever. May you live for eons to benefit the sentient beings.

29th Annual Nyingma Monlam Chenmo (Grand Ceremony)

This year is 29th Annual Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo conducted by Nyingma Monlam Chenmo International Foundation. For this year, it begins from 17th of Jan, and ends on 27th.

Picture Story- His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche, the president of NMCIF, His Eminence Kyabje Khochhen Rinpoche , the General Secretary of NMCIF and His Eminence Kyabje Ringo Trulku Rinpoche visiting the Nyingmapa Dharma camp inspecting the preparation.

Mindrollng Celebrates 53rd Foundation Day

After the devastating tragidy in 1950 in Tibet, small group of assets from Mindrolling Monastery managed to fle to India which includes, the supprem jewel, master and guidaince of all times His Holiness Kyabje Minlling Thrichen Dorjichang, Gyurmey Kunzang Wangyal acompanied by His Eminence Kyabjey Khochen Rinpoche and few monks. After much struggle and taugh time, Second Akanistha, Wogmin Ogyen Mindrolling, definet garden of happiness was able to Re-eastiblish in Noble land of India as the main seat of HH minlling Thrichen rinpoche.

Later, His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche arrived to India and thus complete mindrolling tradition as same as Mindrolling in tibet was established. Today is the day where the subjects like us to remember and recollect the gratefulness of masters and thier hardships up to present time.

It is now when we have to be proud of after 53 years that how many scholars, practitioners and buddhists had this Monastery donated to the spiritual world.

Its the time we look back to the history of how the poineers had worked to make all this happen and how our monastery’s managers and supporters have work hard to maintain the outer inner and secret of monastery’s activity beautifully.

Happy Foundation!

Ngagyur Nyingma College Celebrates Guru’s Birth Day

Amidst the busy schedule of annual examinition going on, the Khenpos, lopons and students of NNC celebrated the birth day of His Eminence Minlling Khenchen Rinpoche in simple and profound way. during the gathering at 9PM in lawn, verse of auspicious prayers were said and long live prayers for Rinpoche. Cake was cut by Chairman of College, Khenpo Thunten Tharchen. Sweet Tibetan tea served for the all the Sangha Gathered.

“Particularly in the Secret Mantra Vehicle, the teacher is the main refuge: his body is the Sangha, his speech the Dharma and his mind the Buddha. Recognize him, therefore, as the quintessential union of the Three Jewels and see all his actions as perfect. Follow him with absolute trust and try to pray to him all the time. Remember that to displease him with anything you do, say or think is to renounce the entire refuge, so put all your determination and effort into trying to please him all the time. No matter what happens to you, be it pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad, sickness or suffering, entrust yourself entirely to the Jewel of the teacher.”

—From words of my perfect teacher…

Annual Examination for Acedamic Year 2017-2018

Annual Examination of Ngagyur Nyingma College, Wogmin Ogyen Mindrolling. Clement Town, Derhadun.

We officially called off to the academic session, 2017 and students are now preparing for the annual examination. After the self study period of 15 days, students will write their first exam on 28th of Dec, 2017 which will be finished on 9th Jan, 2018.

Examiners, Ven. Khenpo Sangay Gyatso Laa, Lopon Lodroe Laa and Lopon Tshering Phuntsho Laa have distributed with the Index numbers today.

All the best for your exams.